Our Services - Personal Income Taxes

You Work To Make Money. We Work To Save You Money.

No one wants to spend his or her money paying more tax. Everyone wants to make sure their personal tax return takes advantage of legitimate ways to save them their hard earned dollars. Towler & Associates, CPAs know just how to do that for you.

COUNT ON OUR EXPERIENCE: All of the accountants of Towler & Associates, CPAs are full time employees with at least 10 years’ experience preparing personal tax returns. MINIMIZING TAX IS OUR FOCUS: Throughout the process of completing your tax return, from the initial collection of tax information, through the preparation of your return and the final review, the accountants of Towler & Associates, CPAs are always searching for ways to minimize the taxes you pay.

MINIMIZE GST: For small business owners that must collect GST, the accurate calculation of GST payable is an important aspect of their annual tax filings. The accountants of Towler & Associates, CPAs will complete your GST return with a focus on minimizing your GST payable.

TAX REDUCING ADVICE: The experienced members of the firm will provide tax reducing advice for the current and future years, whether it is suggestions to income split with family members, increase allowable business expenses claimed or maximize all your personal deductions.

HELPING YOU FROM START TO FINISH: The accountants of Towler & Associates, CPAs will take the bother out of preparing your personal tax return. We will provide you with a checklist to help gather the tax information necessary to prepare your tax return. You then simply drop off your tax information and a few days later your return is ready for you to sign and then Towler & Associates, CPAs will E-file your return.

YEAR ROUND SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE: There are no part-time or seasonal accountants hired by Towler & Associates, CPAs during tax season, so the accountant you deal with will be available throughout the year if you have questions regarding your taxes.

NORTH SHORE AND LOWER MAINLAND: Towler & Associates, CPAs is the right choice, as they are conveniently located on the North Shore near Lonsdale Quay, are quick to reply to client requests, can handle all your accounting and tax needs and are able to assist clients with a wide range of business issues that arise.