Our Services - Small Businesses

1 - 3 Employees Including the Owner

Small businesses, those companies with three or less employees, including the owner, need their accountant to complete their tax reporting and other government filings so they can concentrate on making money.

Rather than incur the cost of a bookkeeper and an accountant, Towler & Associates, CPAs can complete all aspects of a small business’ bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning and tax reporting very efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Towler Small Business Savers Program: Sign Up Today!

A big bill once a year can be hard when you are a small company managing cash flow. The TOWLER SMALL BUSINESS SAVERS PROGRAM offers a manageable monthly fee, where we will:

  • complete all bookkeeping,
  • prepare the company’s annual financial statements,
  • prepare the corporate tax return,
  • prepare the company’s GST return,
  • prepare any required T4’s and T5’s, and
  • prepare the owner’s personal tax return.

By paying a small amount each month, you won’t be presented with a large accounting bill at the same time as your annual corporate taxes and GST are due.

As well, Towler & Associates, CPAs are here all year to answer your phone calls and emails on small business issues such as income taxes, finances and other key items.