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Business Consulting

The top priority for any business owner is to be successful and Towler & Associates, CPAs wants to assist our clients with this goal. How do we do this? It’s a combination of personal interest and professional service.

We take an interest in building relationships, as well as building wealth.

We are available to our clients by phone, email, or in person with timely advice

Business Professionals

For business owners, whether they run an unincorporated sole proprietorship or a thriving company with many employees, Towler & Associates, CPAs offers ways to help them succeed. We can assist with:

  • Tax advice for reducing and deferring corporate and personal tax,
  • Recommendations for income splitting with family members,
  • Review of allowable business expenses,
  • Guidance on deductible home office expenses,
  • Advice on tax issues for particular industries,
  • When and why to incorporate,
  • Preparation of financial information for banks,
  • When and whether to buy new equipment or to lease,
  • Review of franchise arrangements, and
  • Advise on utilizing RRSP or RESP’s.

For a business owner, searching for an accountant, Towler & Associates, CPAs is the right choice, as they are conveniently located on the North Shore near Lonsdale Quay, are quick to reply to client requests, are able to assist clients with a wide range of business issues that arise, and can handle all their accounting and tax needs.