Jan 24, 2014

Last year, my partner decided to spend less time worrying about tax returns and spend more time with his family. As a result of his retirement, many things will remain the same such as our location and great people, but other things are changing including our brand and our name change to Towler & Associates.

It is an exciting time as we move forward and launch a new logo, a new website and a new positioning for Towler & Associates.

We have always been focused on providing our customers excellent value and so our corporate positioning will be:

"We're in Business to Save You Money".

In addition, we have better defined who we can service best. We now have a couple of distinct focuses including micro businesses (which are businesses with 3 or less employees), small businesses (less than 8 employees) and medium sized businesses (typically 9 or more employees).

Micro Businesses

Towler & Associates can complete all aspects of a micro business' bookkeeping, accounting and tax planning very efficiently and at a cost that is tough to match.  These businesses are typically film industry contractors, incorporated professionals and sales and marketing people who have set-up their own corporation.  These owners are totally hands on and don't require operating statements to manage their business; they need our help to minimize their taxes and to complete their tax reporting and other government filings, so they can concentrate on making money.  We prepare their financial statements and tax returns as well as their payroll calculations and government remittances, and we review and analyze their revenue and expenses. As well, the owners consult with us on key decisions and other business matters. We save them money by providing tax planning advice including income splitting recommendations and minimizing their combined corporate and personal taxes. A client can bring us their bank statements, credit card statements and deposit books and we will prepare the company's financial statements, corporate tax return, GST return, T4's, T5's and the owner's personal tax return, all for a manageable monthly fee.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Our small business clients have 3 to 8 employees but no in-house accountant. Instead they have a contract bookkeeper, which completes the bookkeeping, prepares monthly operating statements and handles payroll. Examples of these businesses would be restaurants, franchise businesses, and building contractors. We prepare their annual financial statements and tax returns as well as consulting on payroll and HR issues, asset purchase decisions, and tax matters.  We save them money by providing tax-planning advice as well assisting them with a wide variety of business decisions.

Medium sized clients typically have 9 or more employees including an in-house accountant that handles the payroll, bookkeeping and operational accounting.  These clients are generally retailers, manufactures and service-based businesses.  For our medium size clients, we prepare their annual financial statements, corporate tax returns and the owner's personal returns.

In summary, Towler & Associates has lots to offer small and medium sized businesses looking for accounting help and tax advice:

  • We're a local North Shore firm that is both convenient and available to help our clients,
  • We're interested in all our clients and willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed,
  • We're large enough to handle our client's needs but without expensive overhead, and
  • We're in Business to Save You Money.