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Busness Matters February 2019
Feb 20, 2019


The Path to Automation

Automating an owner-managed business entails more than purchasing a new piece of equipment. The most successful transition requires a careful analysis of the existing production process, an understanding of where and when change is required, staged rather than wholesale transition, targeting repetitive employee tasks that can be automated, integration of production changes with business systems, involvement of employees and outside experts, and owner metamorphosis from micromanager to business manager.

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Business Matters January 2019
Feb 04, 2019


Impending Changes to CPP

In 2018, many owner-managers across Canada chose to adjust staff levels, wages and prices when the minimum wage was increased. For many, it is still too early to determine the final impact on the corporate bottom line as a full fiscal year has not been completed.

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Business Matters October 2018
Oct 30, 2018



Every owner-manager has experienced new employees enthusiastically jumping head-first into the task at hand — only to see that enthusiasm for their job morph into complacency over time.

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Business Matters Volume 32 Issue 3
Aug 13, 2018


We Owe How Much? ... OUCH!

Manage cash flow better by projecting future tax liabilities.

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Business Matters July 2018
Jul 03, 2018


For the Record

Good record keeping today can prevent CRA penalties tomorrow.

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Business Matters Volume 31 Issue 6
Dec 21, 2017


Registered Retirement Savings Plans

Make your 2017 RRSP contribution before March 1, 2018.

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Busness Matters Volume 31 Issue 5
Nov 28, 2017


Investing for Retirement

Saving for retirement can be approached in several ways.

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Business Matters Volume 31 Issue 4
Oct 04, 2017


Changes to Income Tax Rules for 2017

Be aware of changes to the income tax rules that will affect your 2017 filing.

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Business Matters Volume 31 Issue 3
Aug 13, 2017


Cannabis 101

The pending revision of Canada's marijuana laws will affect the workplace.

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Business Matters Volume 31 Issue 2
Jun 21, 2017


Consider the Taxes

Develop a strategy for distributing earnings and reducing corporate income taxes.

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